The first part of the site name reflects our focus on research and resources related to politics in both the public and private arenas. The second part reflects our focus on political type categories such as "liberal" and "conservative".

The word "type" also indicates an emphasis on the use of Carl Jung's psychological types as assessed with the Myers and Briggs Type Indicator®.

Our primary assumption is that your Jungian psychological type is a key influence on your politics at work, at school, and in the broader political arena. The site therefore is designed for those with an interest in Jung's psychological types and politics. 

All types, however, are welcome here: Liberals, Conservatives, ESFJs, INTPs, Greens, Feminists, Managers, Students, Academics, and...even...Politicians.


Our articles focus primarily on exploring how Jung's psychological types apply to the following areas:

  • Organizational Politics
  • Politics in the Public Arena
  • Politics in Academe and the Classroom

You can find links to articles by clicking on these topics in the menu above.  Links to articles will display as titles on the respective "Articles" page.



You can learn more about personality and politics by completing surveys and assessments.  Some of our assessments include:

Each survey contains an introduction, the survey itself, and your scored results. Further, most assessments allow you to compare your results with results from other research samples and provide you with information about the survey's validity as well as links to more information.

You can find links to more surveys by clicking on the "Assessments" link for these topics in the top menu: Organizational Politics, Public Politics, or Classroom Politics.  On the Assessments page, links to the surveys will display as the title of the survey or assessment.



In addition to Articles and Assessments, you will find other resources on the site:


About Us

My name is Bob Boozer.  I am a retired Professor of Management from Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. My research for the past 15 years has focused on the relationship of Jung's psychological types to politics.

I have served as a member of the Board of Directors and as a member of the training faculty for The Association for Psychological Type-International, and as a reviewer for The Journal of Psychological Type. My preferences: INTP.



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